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We deliver you the full nutrition guidance according to the goals of every client. In brief, we promote always an enhanced lifestyle. Raw Fitness Studio proffers effectual fitness training sessions to clients of all age groups and different backgrounds starting from proletarian to veteran athletes.

Along with that, we provide our clients with much dynamic experience with several workshops, competition and interesting games throughout the year.

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The paramount of time-tested robustness fundamentals combined with inventive modern exercise discipline. Our routine session is effectual, secure, lively and joyful. They do not make you bored and droning unlike conservative gyms. We emphasize on full body movement and involvement, as well as eminence form to optimal results.

Power lifting

Whether you are an expert power lifter or not, but you are interested in that and building your body strength through different complex exercises, we proffer you the power lifting training, everything you require. From certain workouts to required nutrition – ensures the perfect amount of weight that you can lift, Raw Fitness Studio always there for it.

Sports related training

Are you a sportsman? Want to add on your performance? Here you can join the specific training for sportsperson and let the trainers help you to do your performance better.


Hypertrophy is a situation of your body where the busy muscle has attained absolute momentary failure that will force those muscles to grow plus turn into stronger. Our trainers are able to lead with the exact range of recurrence and weight amount to aid your muscle arrive at their peak shape over the time.

Personal Training

We have some renowned certified trainers at Raw Fitness Studio. It is committed to aid your physique and mental growth in a proper way. From very easy to expert level of exercise is to uplift your fitness proportional to the nutritional advice. Once you have own the facility, your goal is within your sight.

Cardiovascular fitness

If you are interested in increasing your endurance, cardiovascular fitness is the most important thing for you. This will help you to get better your breathing, blood flow, fat loss and testosterone level.

Strength Training

At RAW Fitness Level, strength training program will help you to learn all the proper fundamental things of weight lifting and other exercises for different parts of your body. You can construct your better body shape with the help of multi-gym machines. Along with that, you would build bone density, immunity as well as muscle strength with these training classes.

Aerobics Workout

Aerobics Workout

Weight Lift

Weight Lift

6 Pack Workout

6 Pack Workout